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29 members of Rochdale’s The DOJO Karate Centre held their own at the recent NKL Champs held at the Centre on Castlemere St. The NKL is a nation wide project founded by the Sensei IRFAN ANSARI (head of The DOJO Karate Centre) and is set to raise Karate Competition Performance standards across the country with competitions in all 4 regions planned for 2015-16 season. These, the first Open Championships attracted over 330 entries to Rochdale from many towns including Great Yarmouth, Birmingham, Leeds, Bradford, Blackpool, Burnley and Sheffield to name a few places. The standard was extremely high and the judging was very fair. All being run under the watchful eyes of Sensei Ansari. With over 33 categories catering for many ages and standards, the event was a great success starting at 9:30am and finishing at 10pm.


In terms of performance, The DOJO Squad did not let Rochdale& Oldham down despite some very stiff competition from many World Champions in attendance on the day. Sensei Ansari mentioned “It was a long day but we were delighted with the turn out. I think we’ll have to move into a bigger venue for the next time! Everyone commented on the fair judging and the competition format for judging Kata I devised. I’m happy that Team DOJO returned with 50 medals from 29 competitors with many competing for the first time. However, as always, there is room for improvement! Best performances were from The DOJO Squad Captain Jack Jolliffe who competed for the first time as a senior (aged just 16yrs), Allan Moffat, Issmaeel Ansari, Rick Ward, Richard Reygan, Isshaaq Ansari, Christine Crosby, Adam Asaf and Haley Burke, with Allan Moffat coming away with the most medals. The DOJO Squad will now be focussing on preparations for the 2 World Championships they are attending this year. Both are in the UK. Thereafter, its back to belt progression and knowledge development for 2016 for all Dojo Members. Special thanks goes to all volunteers who helped out during the day – it would not have been possible without your help, especially to Mark Lineker, Liz Moss, Jamie Ellis and Diane Reygan.”


Anyone wishing to know more about Karate and the benefits of Martial Arts practice should contact Sensei Ansari on 07974 723365 or visit www.thedojo.net


Results (as identified in attached photos starting from back row L-R)

  1. Chris Broughton – 3rd Kumite (LW)
  2. Meliyah Khan – 2nd Kumite
  3. Allan Moffat – 1st Kumite, 1st Kata, 3rd Weapons, 2nd Pairs Kata
  4. Jack Jolliffe – 1st Kumite (HW), 1st Kata
  5. Rick Ward – 1st Kata, 1st Weapons, 1st Pairs Kata
  6. Aaliyah Majid – 3rd Kata
  7. Natalie Dean – 1st Kumite
  8. Hamza Umer Ali – 3rd Weapons
  9. Christine Crosby – 3rd Kata, 2nd Weapons, 1st Pairs Kata
  10. Kai Sweeting – 2nd Kumite, 2nd Weapons
  11. Ethan Hulse – 3rd Kumite
  12. Suhail Sajid – 3rd Weapons
  13. Esha Khan – 3rd Kata
  14. Hayle Burke – 2nd Kumite, 1st Kata, 2nd Pairs Kata
  15. Adam Asaf – 2nd Kumite, 2nd Kata
  16. Chase Fernandez – 3rd Kata
  17. Iqra Ishtiaq – 3rd Kata
  18. Daniel Tarasevic – 2nd Kumite, 3rd Weapons
  19. Richard Reygan – 3rd Kumite, 3rd Kata, 1st Weapons
  20. Blake walter – 3rd Kumite

Not in photo:

  1. Asad Rana – 2nd Kata, 2nd Pairs Kata
  2. Isshaaq Ansari – 2nd Kata, 1st weapons
  3. Saif Rana – 2nd Pairs Kata
  4. Awais Mahmood -1st Kumite
  5. David Riley – 2nd Kumite, 2nd Kata
  6. Adam Curran – 2nd Weapons
  7. Nic Friend – 1st Kata
  8. Abigail White – 3rd Kumite, 2nd Kata
  9. Issmaeel Ansari – 1st Kumite (LW), 2nd Kumite (HW), 2nd Kata
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