Mrs Judy Chan (mother)
My son started training at The DOJO & Doryoku Karate Club when he was 5 years old. Before he started he was like a bouncy ball, never stops at home and always on the go.

In the past year I noticed a big difference in his behavior and concentration span.

I think Karate is a positive way for my child to learn and reach his true potential. The benefits of Karate are evident in the way he do his homework each night and the willingness to read his school books. Since he started he has shown progress both at Karate and at School.

My son enjoys his Karate and looks forward to every lesson. He is eager to achieve higher goals.

My family are very proud of him and believe that he is now more confidence in all aspects of work in school.

Instructor Sensei Ansari act as a good role model to all his students. I have sat through many training sessions watching my child in training. I have picked up alot myself during each session. You not only learn the moves, the techniques or how to fight and defend yourself in Karate, you also learn the theory side of it too. Sensei had talked to students about the history of Karate, the meanings behind the techniques, and things that will positively encourage childrens confidence and self esteem. It’s all very educational and interesting.

I believe Sensei Ansari promotes positive reinforcement and allow children to build upon their own individuality at their own pace in Karate. During training, Sensei Ansari shows professionism and full respect to all. Each week I see a difference in students manners, attitudes, concentration span and coordination skills in moves that they do. I find it all very impressive indeed.

A highly recommended friendly Karate Club suitable for all ages! I know I have picked the best Karate Club for my child.

Stuart Carlisle (9th kyu)
I started karate over a year ago within another club in rochdale and although i thought i was doing well but i wasn’t getting what i wanted from martial arts. I suffered a bad injury whilst training and it left me incapacitated for over 3 months which gave me time to rethink my options. I came to The DOJO Karate Centre and instantly found the staff to be very helpful and informative, i joined up right away and haven’t looked back. Sensei Ansari proves to be very knowledgeable and not only teaches you martial arts he teaches you the ethos behind the learning which for me makes it all that more interesting. Sensei Ansari has a great proven track record within the competition circuit and has produced a number of champions who also help instruct the classes, this is very beneficial as you are being taught by the best.

I would thoroughly recommend The DOJO Karate Centre to anyone wishing to take up martial arts as The Dojo has devised a system that caters for all people from all walks of life and encourages the student to bring out the best in themselves training them to become an all round martial artist.

Ian Cowley (parent)
Having trained at The Dojo myself, as well as having two children who regularly attend, I can honestly say that it is one of the friendliest sports clubs I have come across. Everyone is willing to help each other, from white belts to the more senior grades, which makes for an atmosphere in which you can only progress faster.

Sensei Ansari’s methods, knowledge and total enthusiasm for all things karate mean that he is more popular with my kids than the vast majority of their school teachers!! They genuinely enjoy attending training sessions and I believe that their tuition under Sensei Ansari has helped to make them more confident, fitter and better mannered individuals which can only be positive.

Bradley Atkins (Parent of a Beginner)
I enrolled my 7 year old son in October 2005 with some specific goals in mind. My son is already a very confident person but not when it comes to physical contact, therefore my goals were to enable him to become more confident in large groups, be able to focus on instruction and listen effectively in a large arena and be capable of diffusing playground bullies. I was impressed with the control the Dojo trainers demonstrated from day one over such large groups of children whilst still making it a fun and enjoyable environment to learn. The other unexpected values that the Dojo teaches; respect for others, achievement generally, self motivation & discipline, focus and timeliness.

The Dojo successfully bridges gaps in race, colour, background and religion and is actively helping to build a strong community spirit in the local area. I have found it’s founder Ifran Ansari to be learned, caring and possesses an individual interest in every pupil enrolled. Nobody seems to go unnoticed or without a name.

My child smiles from the journey in to coming home. I would recommend enrolment to anyone. Give it a try!

Tracy & Jonathan Maughan (Parents of a 4th Kyu)
Since our son joined the DOJO 18 months ago, we have seen a vast improvement in his ability to concentrate at school, and his social interactions with other children. He loves Karate, and is very focused on achieving his goal of becoming a black belt.

Karate has given him the drive to suceed, not only at the DOJO, but in everything that he tries to do.

Sensei Ansari’s coaching methods are fantastic, making the children feel happy in their enviroment, whilst making sure that they understand rules and discipline.

Ash (2nd Kyu)
On a busy night, you should feel the atmosphere! it’s awesome! What a great way to make new friends and keep in shape.” keep up the great work Sensei !
Dave Elsworth (7th Kyu parent)
My son joined the Rochdale Dojo (Doryoku Karate) Club and I was so impressed with the professionalism and range of the coaching as well as the family atmosphere that I joined myself. Sensei Ansari understands the art of coaching and in particular how to give a training session that is suitable for students of differing capabilities, both karate and fitness, and educates both children and adults alike.

Being a member it is easy to understand how various people gain different qualities from attending the club and the supportive environment from both coaches and members. Since joining, my sons attention and control have improved dramatically via something he genuinely enjoys.

I would and do recommend the club for everyone and as a family activity.

Warren Lomax (father)
Irfan Ansari and his team have managed to combine the art of learning martial arts combined with lots of fun, discipline, people skills and increased confidence. With classes that are designed for all ages, I have never seen children and adults seem so sure of themselves, brimming with energy and confidence. Since joining Karate, our son has self-confidence, drive & assurness within in his everyday behaviour.

The classes not only teach him Respect, Self-defence techniques and Self-belief, but they are delivered in a friendly, focussed manner with appropriate amount of fun thrown in too!

We would recommend joining to anyone as it is adding physical activity, self-defence + self-confidence to our son, whilst also allowing him to meet more friends

The Doryoku Dojo Karate Centre - Put your child's future first

Sensei JIM REECE (4th Dan Shotokan Karate, 3rd Dan Okinawan Kobudo) Principal Instructor – Kaizen Martial Arts Academy, Leeds. Executive Director TradKA UK
If you are reading this I would recommend contacting Irfan Ansari to talk about the wide range of programmes he offers and to take advantage of a lesson with him. You will not be disappointed.

In my quest to meet and train with excellent martial artists I was fortunate enough to meet Sensei Irfan Ansari of The DOJO Karate Centre in Rochdale. I remember when we first met how committed he seemed to ensuring quality in his martial arts.

On visiting The DOJO Karate Centre I had the opportunity to witness his karate teaching methods and approach to training first hand. I’m glad I did. The energy and enthusiasm he instilled in the class was a pleasure to behold. He kept his students interested by working with them on a wide range of techniques. More importantly, he coached his students, and from an observer’s point of view, had a grasp of each individual’s development needs.

When Irfan trained in Okinawan Kobudo at my Dojo he strived for perfection. He would not move on to learning a new technique until he had mastered the previous. His approach to learning was such that the ‘adage’ when the student is ready, the teacher appears’ was very relevant.

What also struck me about Irfan was that he accepted that as a newcomer in this martial art that he would be required to wear the badge of a newcomer ie a white belt. He did this without hesitation and took his place in the line accordingly. This action alone by a person, who is very senior in his own martial art, clearly reflects his deep understanding of the ethos of martial arts. Obviously with his strive for perfection and his approach to training Irfan progressed through his grading examinations with apparent ease.

I would recommend contacting Irfan Ansari to talk about the wide range of programmes he offers and to take advantage of a lesson with him. You will not be disappointed.

Alan Rhodes - 1st Dan INSTRUCTOR
If The DOJO Karate Centre is a pebble dropped into the waters of social harmony within our community, and the well being of its individuals: the people who are touched by the ripples and benefit from their positive effect, owe their good fortune to Sensei Irfan Ansari.

Sensei Irfan Ansari provides inspiration and motivation for students from all sections of the community, from the age of five upwards, including mature adults. To provide and deliver a program that engages a range of people so wide and diverse, in an inclusive and safe learning environment, takes incredible hard work; dedication; genuine care and respect for his students coupled with remarkable teaching and mentoring skills.

The classes are at various times, offering the students the flexibility to choose a lesson that best meets their needs. Each class is tailored to help the student to reach their next goal (rank progression). Students are also given the opportunity to attend seminars at important stages of their learning. The class atmosphere is appropriate to the lesson or event at the time. My son and I have put in some serious hard work and also had great fun at The DOJO Karate Centre. The good news is, you feel good after both. There are also great social events.

There is always something new on the horizon at The DOJO (students are currently learning about pressure points). I will put forward eight years of uninterrupted membership and attendance as evidence to that, the rewards have been substantial, both in terms of personal development and parental pride. I would recommend the club without hesitation to anyone, for I know of no other club or organization that benefits such a wide section of the community in such a positive way.

Mark Lineker – 3rd Dan Senior INSTRUCTOR
The scope and depth of the syllabus at The DOJO Karate Centre is a testament to Sensei Ansari’s dedication to continually develop his own Martial Arts knowledge to allow him to pass this on to his students. Since starting to train with him I have watched the syllabus expand from the provision of Karate tuition but also to include weapons such as Escrima, Bo, Nunchaku, Sword, knife, Grappling, Self-defence, Jiu-jitsu, Kickboxing etc. These are all signs of his pioneering approach to develop each member by sharing his substantial knowledge with his students. Knoweledge that most instructors in the area severely lack.

Classes are disciplined and in this respect high standards are expected of class members – learning cannot take place in an undisciplined environment nor can an undisciplined individual make progress, this is another core value of the club- yet at the same time the classes are made fun where possible.

We are fortunate that our Chief Instructor has great experience of what it takes to be successful in competition having been a very successful competitor himself. He personally takes time to coach those who wish to compete, as a result we have a very successful competition squad with numerous National champions and a good number of World Champions as well – how many clubs in the area can say that?

We have a student of the month system in place for beginner, intermediate and advanced grades that all the kids enjoy and take a big interest in. Additionally, recognition is given to achievements off the karate mat, whether it’s academic, in another sport or a fundraising activity. We find that these things really help children’s self belief and confidence.

To summarise Sensei Ansari has developed an excellent and far reaching syllabus that has something in it for everyone, a high availability of classes in a fun yet disciplined environment, the opportunity to become a World Champion and methodologies tailored to develop self confidence, self discipline, leadership skills to name a few desirable personal attributes. In addition to all this we are a friendly and welcoming club. What more could anyone who is looking to take up a Martial Art want?