2014 Irfan Ansari


Chief Instructor

Black Belt 7th Dan

Bsc(hons) Sport & Exercise

PGCE NVQ Assessor

Instructor Assessor

Team ENGLAND Head Coach

Our Team is headed by Sensei IRFAN ANSARI who has been in Martial Arts since the age of 5yrs. The system devised by Sensei Ansari amalgamates many aspects of various martial arts into one. Our system of MMA training lncludes formal training in Karate, Kickboxing, Ju-jitsu, Grappling, Weapons and Self-defence. This makes it a more complete system to train in and matches the needs of today. IRFAN also a qualified Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Science. This makes his and his assistants’ instruction even more exciting, particularly when techniques are explained from a scientific view point. His knowledge of Biomechanics, Sport Psychology and Exercise Physiology has resulted in some of his work being published in International Martial Arts magazines, and this makes The DOJO stand Head and Shoulders above any other club in the area.

While IRFAN has been awarded the HIGHLY COMMENDED Award by Rochdale Council further acknowledging not only the physical capability, but also the highly ethical and moral education instilled into his pupils, he feels the essence of success in Martial Arts lies in repeated endeavour. This forms the basis of learning at The DOJO Karate Centre and instills perseverance, determination and dedication among members to reach a higher level of performance at The DOJO and in their Life.

The Clubs aim is to develop the individual and help them realise what they are capable of. Developing Confidence is our biggest skill and without confidence nothing is possible. This coupled with Technique development alongside goal setting and self-realisation are key to The DOJO’s huge success.

These qualities instilled into our members using Irfan’s unique and very exciting coaching methods have resulted in the Club showing outstanding success at not just local, regional and National level, but also at the World Championships with many, many success since 2008, which, no other Club in the Area has achieved. This definitely proves that coaching methods used at The DOJO Karate Centre must be right and are working successfully.

The successes of The DOJO Karate Centre has attracted outstanding individuals to lend support to the Club. One of these is the Doctor of Liverpool Football Club who after following the success of the Club over many years, has volunteered his Sports Medicine services to The DOJO Squad members in an advisory capacity. We are gratful to Dr Zafar Iqbal for this, and, acknowledge that for someone like Dr Iqbal to offer his services to The DOJO Karate Centre, it must be doing something right! As the saying goes ‘The Proof is in the Pudding!”

We encourage you to try our TASTER CLASS with Sensei Ansari and experience from his vast knowledge. You may call him directly on 07974 723365.