In our unique Mixed Martial Arts System (MMA) you will learn Karate, Ju-jitsu techniques, Self-defence, Grappling, Weapons and Kickboxing. Our classes are not just for kids, Parents often join into classes with their children and realise the outstanding benefits our coaching methods bring to them and their family. Please check our Time Table for all our class times.


Please DO NOT confuse our MMA classes with the type of MMA you may see on TV (e.g. UFC or Cage Fighting), you will not be learning this. We offer safe classes according to a set schedule and syllabus consisting of techniques taken from many different systems to bring you a Mixed Martial Arts system that we have devised for our members to learn in a safe and fun way.



Shitoryu Karate originates from the island of Okinawa and not Japan as is commonly mis-understood. From all the styles of Karate it offers the richest resource of Kata (49 in all). When you join The DOJO, you will learn all aspects of this discipline that heavily relies on generating emmence speed resulting in devastating multiplication of destructive force aimed at the assailant. You will also learn the sub-disciplines of Padwork, Kata, Basics, and Kumite. Karate relies more on speed of attack/defence with lots of stand-up fighting scenarios, but also some locks, throws and ground fighting.


Ju-Jitsu has its birth place in Japan. It relies more on joint locks, chokes, arm bars and throws that can leaves your assailant immobilised to offer counter-attack or escape.

Self Defence

Self-defence can take many forms in todays environment. For example taking the right precautions, such as wearing a Seat Belt is self-defence. At The DOJO, we teach you many strategies that equip you with what to do to avoid an attack in the first place, and then what to do during and after the attack. You will learn how to resolve potential conflicts before they happen.

Grappling Techniques

Often fights that are not finished in the first 20-30secs, end up on the floor. This is where the strength of Grappling techniques will equip you to deal with you opponent should s/he take you to the ground. On the other hand you may decide to take the fight to the ground. In Grappling we teach you to use your levers in a much more efficient way and how to read the opponents weaknesses that you can exploit.


More often than not, the guy in the street feels more confident in attacking you with a weapon. We show you how to disarm some of the weapons, but more importantly you will learn early signs to avoid the situation altogether. We also teach you how to improvise materials around you as weapons should you need to. As part of your formal training you learn the Nunchaku (popularised by the late Bruce Lee), Bo (6ft Staff), Jo (4ft Staff) and the devastatingly quick Filipino Stick fighting that is very effective indeed.


Popularised by Americans and uses a mixture of kicks and punches to create a fantastic workout for the whole body. You will work with Focus mitts, Striking pads and do pair work before you are allowed to spar with another member. We offer a separate Syllabus for progression to those who only wish to participate in the Kickboxing classes.

All our disciplines are suitable for kids and adults alike. Formal classes start from the age of 5yrs. for the younger kids aged 2-4.5yrs we offer a separate TIGER TOTS (Parent & Toddler) Class. Please see Timetable for more info.

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