Our Kickboxing Classes Help You: Lose Weight – Learn Self Defence – Get Into Shape – And Are Always Fun & Exciting!

Kick-Boxing Rochdale Dojo

Who is our Kickboxing class for?

Kickboxing Rochdale The DojoWe offer this class to all our members. Rather than covering a succinct aspect of Kickboxing content in out mixed martial arts syllabus, this class focuses on more a detailed study of Kickboxing techniques and uses punch bags, focus mitts, pad work, line work, paired work and of course, sparring for those who we feel are ready for it.

Don’t worry about getting hurt as we do not cater for ‘full-contact’ type training. Instead our kickboxing classes train you for ‘semi-contact’ If you are not familiar with this term – it means ‘touch contact’ to the Head for Adults (No contact for Kids), and ‘moderate contact’ to the body for both Kids and Adults. It is ideal for those who only wish to train once a week, those who wish to have a more energetic workout, or those who wish to brush up on their stand-up fighting ability!

The class is very safe & friendly, and if you are out to prove you are hard, then please don’t attend!
You will greatly benefit from the high paced workout drills that closely reflect Sparring techniques used in real combat, but without all the bumps and bruises of a professional fighter! It is ideal for losing weight, building life saving skills and not like a boring gym workout. The sense of achievement you get from accomplishing the task is fantastic!

What is our Kickboxing class like?

  • Our class is 60minutes, we start with a fitness training warm up which has all the aerobics, anaerobic exercises and stretches to get the blood
    flowing ready for a major workout!
  • Of course, Beginners’ fitness is easy to start with and with regular attendance you will be amazed at what you can achieve!
  • We then move on to the skills stage using combination development training followed by focus mitts, pad work to really pick up the intensity!
    Here you will punch, kick, block, parry, knee and elbow your way to total fitness, weight loss, fat loss and muscle tone!
  • Once you become more competent, you will be introduced to Sport Kickboxing / Karate. This will really make you quick to respond to the
    attackers movements and where your skill and strategy will play a big role in outwitting them in order to win!

Contents of this Class is currently included into our MMA/CMA program

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