How we teach adults

In terms of learning, all +13yr olds are treated like Adults. The atmosphere is discplinned in which you progress through the ranks according to our Syllabus which includes learning all 6 disciplines for the Price of 1 Class.

Our classes are not just for kids. In fact we have lots of Adults who also join. Because our pool of qualified coaches is high, we assign a coach to you to help you learn at a pace that reflects your interest and standard. However, majority of the coaching is done by our Chief Instructor Irfan Ansari.

When it comes to learning, +13yrs are considered and treated as adults in Martial Arts.

The really good thing is that no body acts as a hero, nor do we entertain them! In fact, if anyone acts in this manner, they are soon reminded that ‘there is always someone better than them!” It is for this reason that we retain many Adults in our classes, and the atmosphere is very friendly.

All +13yr olds are taught the historical, ethical, legal, physical, physiological and psycho-social aspects of the martial arts. So much so that Sensei Irfan Ansari takes a personal interest in sharing what he knows more thoroughly with students in this group through personal anecdotal experiences and using many Scientific principles to bring out the best in them that ranges from fitness and martial arts advice to personal matters.

All +13yr olds at The DOJO are taught that they must share their knowledge with others at the Club. This develops their ability to put back into the Club in many different ways, most of all their volunteered help is making The DOJO what it is today.

Some Adults have taken on a career in Martial Arts through Sensei Ansari’s help. The good thing is that all instructors at The DOJO are hand picked and home-grown as their education is continually monitored by Sensei Ansari through periodic Coach Education programs and meetings.

You should rest assured that your learning in Martial Arts will be in the best of hands with fully qualified and fully insured Instructors who care about your progress. Unlike many other dis-organised clubs, here at The DOJO you will not be exposed to any combative pair work until we feel happy you know enough and feel confident to do so. Our aim is to develop your physique, fitness and self-defence capability in a gradual manner to generate more instinctive responses rather than a quick learning program which results in embarrassment when you are faced with an ordeal in the street!

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