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Our Online Courses are ideal for Home Learning and for the whole family

Cost: £29 only (contains 57 Lessons) – BUY NOW!


This is what MAISON STOCKWELL (Brown Belt 1st Kyu) said after buying this Beginners Course

‘Each lesson is clear, detailed and in depth. I would highly recommend this to all of our members and the public. Whether you already do martial arts or you want to get started, the course is so easy to follow anyone can learn.’


For just £29 you get;

  • 57 Lessons in total (46 Video Lessons, 11 PDFs)
  • My +49yrs of experience in Martial Arts practice 
  • To see how each technique is described and performed
  • To follow along in your own home
  • Your family can join-in to learn at home also
  • Progressive lessons according to belt
  • To learn all disciplines/systems we teach according to each belt level
  • To build a correct storage of information that can be easily recalled for a better performance
  • You get to see our World Champs train and perform
  • You get FREE additional lessons/workshops/seminars as they are added to your course in the future
  • Parents get to use the Good Character Sheets to improve/modify their child’s behaviour for a more productive development of their child.
  • To learn about history, mindset, gratitude and a little humour too.


For the BEGINNER –  ‘Easy to Follow’ with STEP-by-STEP teaching to make you progress in each lesson covering all martial arts disciplines we teach.

Learn at home and stay ahead of the game at Gradings with deeper learning content that will really help set strong foundations for faster future learning necessary to excel and make future accomplishment easier!

Time constraints prevent me from going into deep detail at The DOJO to explain why & how each technique works. So, I’ve designed these lessons in a way that you learn much more than what you would learn in normal lessons! It is like having a mini-workshop on each technique – I explain things in lots of different ways so your mind can get a clearer picture of what and how your performance can be optimised for best results! 

This is one of the reasons why we have managed to produce soooo many World Champs from a young age! By the way, it contains a Kids Section and some of our World Champs and their training also features in this course!

It also contains the all important Good Character Sheets which you can use to modify behaviour in your children – a vital tool for conformity, respect, teamwork and discipline at home but which will also serve your kids in their schooling.

For the higher belts – It is worthwhile getting to keep as a Reference Resource to come back to time and again to fine tune your techniques. It is useful for higher belts helping them recognise & improve flaws in their current knowledge and performance that can easily be fixed. 

For Competitors – If you want to get the upper hand over your opponents – then definitely invest in this. Remember, the more you know, the faster you can master a technique, and the better you can perform! It is all about building your information storage & recall in the correct way.

For all Coaches/Instructors – Get this to build your portfolio of coaching materials for Reference. And, to learn what depths I go into for each technique/concept to improve your coaching skills.


BUY NOW…£29 only!



Cost: £49 only (contains 146 Lessons) – BUY NOW!


Builds on the Beginner program without repeating previous content.

Covers all of our multi-disciplined Martial Arts syllabus for Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple & Brown-1 Belts.

Bonus lessons continually being added after purchase for FREE.

Brilliant in-depth lessons that cover really important concepts for furthering future learning in the ADVANCED Course.

Perfect for the keen student who wishes to excel their learning with substance

Exceptional value for Coaches who wish to slot in lots of variety in their classes!

BUY NOW…£49 only!



ADVANCED Online Course

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