🔔 MON + WED (7pm) 🔔


At The DOJO Karate Centre, Castlemere St, Rochdale. OL11 3SW.


LADIES: You’ve been asking us for this for ages – it’s finally here!


📍 This is very popular class ❗


✅Get + Stay in Shape – Burn Fat – Build Strength + Stamina – Speed – Suppleness

✅Make like-minded Friends – Look Good – Feel Great – Build CONFIDENCE!

✅Learn a Skill that might Save your Life & Keep Your Family Safe when out and about! 


💥This is a….. Non-Contact Kickboxing + Fitness + Self-defence Class💥


NO Belts – NO Suits – NO Tests – NO Contact – NO Bruises – NO Kids – NO Men!



👊Class: Every MON (7pm) + WED (7pm).

👊Tutors: 2 Qualified Lady Instructors

👊Cost: £5 per Class PAYGO or £24/mth

👊Ages: 14yrs – 70yrs (No Kids + No Men)




📍 Only 30 Places available……. on a ‘First Come – First Serve Basis!’


Call NOW to Book Your Place – 07974 723365



We know that you Ladies have sacrificed a lot for your families during the lockdown!


Now you need to have some ‘ME TIME!’ that provides….

🔥 Structure + Enrichment amidst the pandemic

🔥 A sense of Pride & Accomplishment

🔥 Feeling Comfortable during exercise knowing NO MEN are watching you!

🔥 Be in the company of other ladies with similar fitness levels 

🔥 Build CONFIDENCE, resilience, life skills and lasting friendships, 

🔥 Become healthy and much more functional

🔥 Lose Weight + Feel Positive about yourself

🔥 Become more Focused + Disciplined

🔥 Become much more Alert in mind and body + quicken your reactions

🔥 Training with trusted people you have confidence in due to the club being established for a long time with immense pedigree of success 

🔥 Train in a class run by true experts who are successful in their field

🔥 Train in a good size building with good facilities and a Club with a great reputation.


What has it done for me? (responses from our Members)

⭐Its given me Focus + Drive in my life to learn new skills I never knew about

⭐I look forward to everyday with eagerness

⭐MUM Time away from the family doing a great activity with friends has given a new meaning to my life.

⭐Classes have made me more alert to possible danger and how to avoid them in the first place

⭐My fitness, reactions and skills needed to defend myself have dramatically improved

⭐It helped clear my mind + de-stress

⭐I feel totally stress-free after a class

⭐It helped me clear the clutter in my mind that was causing anxiety

⭐It helped me get rid of anger and de-stress

⭐I now feel so much more confident generally but especially when out shopping, etc.

⭐I feel I can achieve anything I set my mind to

⭐I have so much more energy now, that I never had before

⭐It has made my mind + body so much stronger, fitter and with much more confidence

⭐I feel more healthier and more flexible

⭐My stamina and suppleness has really improved

⭐I’ve made new friends who are genuine

⭐I like the easy going, comfortable but focussed class environment

⭐The variety of skills in the class takes away the boredom of working out monotonously in the gym 

⭐I like the fact you don’t have to wear a uniform

⭐Challenging my limits really helped me grow my mind, body and soul.

⭐It has dramatically boosted my confidence because I accomplished something to be proud of.

⭐It is a perfect way to reconnect with your body, releasing aggression, taking out stress, toning your body, learning valuable self-defence and feeling sexy about yourself.

⭐It has helped me become more assertive in life especially in my relationship

⭐Great instructors who give skill appropriate guidance + lots of encouragement

No contact is good – I wouldn’t want bruises – hitting the pads (and focus pads) is great.

⭐I have lost weight, toned up and can see lean muscle on my body 

⭐I really like the social aspect of the class

⭐The informality of the class really makes you feel at home with the place and the lady instructors

⭐I have made friends from all walks of life.


What do I get when I Join-up?

Join-up cost: £30 (includes 12mths insurance) – payable from 2nd Session


What will I Learn?

✅Kickboxing basics, intermediate and advanced levels of footwork, drills, combinations, kicking, punching, blocking maneuvers techniques and tactics

✅Non-contact Paired drills using Pads + Focus pads (when COVID allows)

✅Fitness to develop stamina, strength, speed, suppleness, agility and reactions

✅Effective Self-defence skills on set scenarios to equip you against potential attacks

✅How to de-stress, meditation, lose weight and keep fit & healthy.

✅Steps to becoming more confident & assertive in life.


Call NOW to Book Your Place – 07974 723365