Having been established since 1988 we are very sensitive to the needs of the community around us in the current situation. 

So, to ease the financial burden on Parents + to get Kids ready to excel at School with the Right Tools for SUCCESS we have come up with our BEST EVER OFFER below!

Our Classes get Kids Fit & In-Shape, boost ConfidenceDiscipline and Focus

Our Classes trigger their Critical Thinking and their Need to Take Action for Effective Learning.

Oh, and they equip them with Anti-Bullying tactics giving you Peace-of-Mind….!

🎁All New Beginners (+5yrs) get a FREE Taster-Class (usually £6) 

🎁Join within 7 days of Taster-Class to receive; 

        🎁 FREE Suit (worth £35)

        🎁 FREE 12months Membership + Insurance (worth £30)

        🎁 FREE Month of Classes (worth £40)

        🎁 FREE Enrolment to our GOOD CHARACTER Program (priceless)

        🎁 FREE Enrolment to our BLACK BELT MINDSET Program (priceless)

            Free Suit & Free Membership comes with £65 refundable deposit.

           This is a Total Value of £111!

           Get it Today for FREE.

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Usual Prices of our Programs……….

 Updated: JUN 2020 TIGER TOTS
(3-5yr olds)
Best Value
(1yr / includes insurance)
£30 £30 FREE (with £30 deposit) FREE (with £30 deposit)
SUIT £30 £35 FREE (with £35 deposit) FREE (with £35 deposit)
CLASSES / WEEK (TimeTable) 2 Any 1 Hr Class Any 3 Hours Unlimited
COST PER CLASS £3.75 £6 £3.33 £1.23
FAMILY DISCOUNT  –  – 20% Tuition Discount for 2nd or more Members starting together As GOLD option

Learn our 6-in-1 Martial Arts system involving a mix of

Karate, Ju-Jitsu, Self-Defence, Weapons, Grappling & Kick-Boxing in 1 Class!



BEST VALUE for 3-5yr olds. This class is great building block to essential rudimentary but formal Physical and Mental Skills to accelerate in schooling, home and in sport. Best start in providing the very young with Self-defence and Martial Arts skills on a right footing. Goto TIGER TOTS INFO PAGE


GB Coach, Sensei IRFAN ANSARI takes a personal interest in your development by sharing much more of his knowledge in guiding you to reach excellence in performance & deep understanding with emphasis on attaining perfection in all 6 disciplines we cover. You can attend at any time according to your rank. Ideal for the real knowledge seeker. You will vastly accelerate your Learning & Progression. This program offers most flexibility to classes on offer with FREE access to the ADVANCED CLASS every TUE night at 8pm where you will get to learn alongside our World Champs also. Family Discount also available on this option! You also get the Suit Free and 1st Year of Membership completely FREE with a Deposit that is returned to you after your 6th monthly payment.


BEST VALUE – You benefit from our 6-in-1 Martial Arts system. All classes are taught by GB Coach: Sensei IRFAN ANSARI. He will raise your fitness, self-defence capability, knowledge and confidence. This program is ideal for Families who are serious in investing in their children’s future. It will raise their ability to become effective Leaders which has proven to be very successful among our membership’s Schooling, Home and Work environment, and is an effective tool in preparing children for adulthood. This Program offers FAMILY DISCOUNT. You also get the Suit Free and 1st Year of Membership completely FREE with a Deposit.

The GOLD Program is ‘Highly Recommended’ by Sensei Ansari himself as it also offers the right amount of Classes required for normal belt progression to Black Belt. Talented individuals in this Program are invited to join our Squad to benefit from our WORLD CLASS Knowledge that will equip them to win at Competitions and maybe represent ENGLAND/GB also.