What our ADVANCED - Rochdale class offers

Advanced Class

ADVANCED - Rochdale

For Brown-2, Brown-3 & Black Belts only!

On reaching Brown-2 you will be introduced to the concepts of advanced learning where Sensei ANSARI goes through intricate detail using his vast knowledge of martial arts combined with Sports Science principles to develop ....

  • Skill Acquisition & Development
  • Specific martial arts discipline related fitness for performance
  • Deeper understanding of the martial arts performance in Kata, Weapons, Fighting, Self-defence, Grappling and Kumite/Fighting.
  • Meditation + Visualisation for perofrmance

You will also learn....

  • Advanced Kata
  • Bunkai
  • Performance specific concepts ( e.g. flexibility, fitness, positioning, distancing, timing, etc.)
  • Fighting concepts (including stand-up, ground, with/without weapons, mutliple attackers, etc.)
  • Weapons training in Bokken, Bo, Knife, Escrima, Nunchaku
  • and, much more

This Class is reserved for Members who have reached 2nd Brown Belt + above!