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Dojo Karate Centre

Learn a mix of Karate, Ju-jitsu, Grappling, Self-defence, Weapons & Kickboxing
Our Classes get Kids Fit & In-Shape, boost ConfidenceDiscipline and Focus
Our Classes trigger their Critical Thinking and their Need to Take Action for Effective Learning.
Oh, and we equip them with Anti-Bullying tactics giving you Peace-of-Mind.
Beginner OFFER! 
🎁 FREE Taster-Class for All New Beginners (+5yrs) 
🎁 Pay £285 £65 to Join + get...  
      🎁 FREE Suit (worth £50)
      🎁 FREE 12months Membership + Insurance (worth £50)
      🎁 FREE GOOD CHARACTER Program (worth £60)
      🎁 FREE BLACK BELT MINDSET Program (worth £60)
      🎁 FREE Members + Parent Workshops (worth £65)

This offer is worth £280 and is for our PREMIER and ULTIMATE programs.

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STRICTLY - First Come, First Serve basis for the next 6 who Join this week.

Receive a £20 Voucher for every Friend/Family member who joins the Premier/Ultiamte program.


Learn with GB Coach Sensei IRFAN ANSARI (7th Dan) + highly experienced & qualified DOJO Coaches.

Learn at a club where the prices are VERY AFFORDABLE, Classes are WELL STRUCTURED, PROGRESSIVE, REWARDING and from a team of Coaches who have been at the top of their game for decades.

Members say we offer A LOT MORE for A LOT LESS compared to other clubs!

We tell you our Prices from the start - not mess you around (honesty matters to us)!

We are Rochdale's largest Martial Arts Club with nearly 500 members with an immense pedigree of success.

Long time established - since 1988!

Come and give it a try. If you like it, then join. If you don't, then no problem!


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Wouldn’t You Send Your Child to the BEST School?
YES, of course you would!
At the DOJO Karate Centre each and every child is cared for as an individual with us. They grow in confidence and in the very best of knowledge. They learn manners that every parent wants, they become disciplined and grow in other areas of life like their education. Their leadership skills are developed.  They learn to deal with the bully in a non-conflict manner but can handle themselves if the need arises, they make friends and have lots of fun whilst learning to look after themselves in a safe but disciplined environment. They are recognised for their effort and achievement.
Best of all you would send your child where these things are GUARANTEED.
Why is THE DOJO the BEST PLACE for KARATE in ROCHDALE or Martial Arts in Rochdale?
Proven Track-Record of High Quality Coaching since 1988. Affordable and Safe for all ages. Fantastic Reputation. Outstanding Results in School, Home and on the Mat. Learn 6-in-1 Martial Arts System for just 1 price. All Instructors are Certified, CRB/DBS checked & conform to Child Protection Policy.
Chief Instructor is GB National Coach and teaches most classes himself unlike delegating most classes to others to coach like in other clubs. Highly Commended by Rochdale Council for Club & Coach Of The Year Awards many times. Rochdale Observer acknowledged THE DOJO as the “Most Progressive and Successful Club In The Area.” All beginners get 1 TASTER CLASS. Beginners get a FREE SUIT. Family Discounts. Variety of Classes available throughout the week. Purpose built venue with full matting.
Our system develops Concentration, Focus, Confidence, Good Character, Conformity, Leadership Skills, Fitness, Flexibility, Tones the Body, Nourishes The Mind & Spirit, Develops Endeavour, Perseverance and Determination, Learn to cope with Success & Failure, it develops early signs to Avoid Conflict, Bullying and Physical Assault. Most of all people come to us to discover their potential in a way they didn’t think existed.
Biggest Reason for Our Success – We Share our Exceptional World Class Knowledge with Our Members in a Way They Easily Understand!
Call 07974 723365 to Book your FREE CLASS and start growing in Confidence, Fitness and Self-defence capability.
BEST KARATE CLUB in Rochdale, Oldham, Middleton and Bury
BEST MARTIAL ARTS CLUB in Rochdale, Oldham, Middleton and Bury

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Our Classes
Tiger Tots Class 3-5yrs

Ideal for Nursery + Reception Kids

Our Tiger Tots Class is a unique way in which we teach foundational martial arts movements and essential life skills. Our Tiger Tots love martial arts and parents love watching their kids learn and grow in a po ...

Advanced Class

For Brown-2, Brown-3 & Black Belts only!

On reaching Brown-2 you will be introduced to the concepts of advanced learning where Sensei ANSARI goes through intricate detail using his vast knowledge of martial arts combined with Sports Sci ...

Squad Training Class

Competition Training for SQUAD Members

This specialised class is only for members who get invited to join our Competition Squad.

They learn Sport Martial Arts in the disciplines of Karate Kata, Karate Kumite, Kickboxing, T ...

Kata Class
KATA Class

Kata is the core of martial arts. It is so interesting that to the on looker with little knowedge it is merely a sequence of movements put together for exercise or a dance. But to the expert eye, it is deep martial arts knowledge that when deciphered leads to throws, chokes, blocks, pressure points, grabs, grappling, poking, ...


Our MOST POPULAR Class - For ALL School Kids (+5yrs), Teens, Adults, Ladies and Families

You will learn Karate, Ju-jitsu techniques, Self-defence, Grappling, Weapons and Kickboxing. Our classes are not just for kids, Parents often jo ...


Defeat your Comfort Zone every WED (7pm). £6 Only.

Get Fit fast - Bag Blast - Focus Mitts - Self-defense - Padwork - Fight Combos

High Intensity class for MEN, WOMEN and KIDS +6yrs

No FREE Class ...

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Our locations
The Dojo Karate Centre - Rochdale

Castlemere Street
OL11 3SW

The Dojo Karate Centre - Oldham

Radclyffe School (Sports Hall)
Hunt Lane, Chadderton, Oldham

The Dojo Karate Centre - Manchester

Alkrington Community Centre
Hardfield Road, Middleton
M24 1PQ