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Tiger Tots Class 3-5yrs

Ideal for Nursery + Reception Kids

Our Tiger Tots Class is a unique way in which we teach foundational martial arts movements and essential life skills. Our Tiger Tots love martial arts and parents love watching their kids learn and grow in a po ...

Advanced Class

For Brown-2, Brown-3 & Black Belts only!

On reaching Brown-2 you will be introduced to the concepts of advanced learning where Sensei ANSARI goes through intricate detail using his vast knowledge of martial arts combined with Sports Sci ...

Squad Training Class

Competition Training for SQUAD Members

This specialised class is only for members who get invited to join our Competition Squad.

They learn Sport Martial Arts in the disciplines of Karate Kata, Karate Kumite, Kickboxing, T ...

Kata Class
KATA Class

Kata is the core of martial arts. It is so interesting that to the on looker with little knowedge it is merely a sequence of movements put together for exercise or a dance. But to the expert eye, it is deep martial arts knowledge that when deciphered leads to throws, chokes, blocks, pressure points, grabs, grappling, poking, ...


Our MOST POPULAR Class - For ALL School Kids (+5yrs), Teens, Adults, Ladies and Families

You will learn Karate, Ju-jitsu techniques, Self-defence, Grappling, Weapons and Kickboxing. Our classes are not just for kids, Parents often jo ...


Defeat your Comfort Zone every WED (7pm). £6 Only.

Get Fit fast - Bag Blast - Focus Mitts - Self-defense - Padwork - Fight Combos

High Intensity class for MEN, WOMEN and KIDS +6yrs

No FREE Class ...