What our REGULAR class offers


Our MOST POPULAR Class - For ALL School Kids (+5yrs), Teens, Adults, Ladies and Families

You will learn Karate, Ju-jitsu techniques, Self-defence, Grappling, Weapons and Kickboxing. Our classes are not just for kids, Parents often join into classes with their children and realise the outstanding benefits our coaching methods bring to them and their family. Please check our Time Table for all our class times.


Please DO NOT confuse our MMA classes with the type of MMA you may see on TV (e.g. UFC or Cage Fighting), you will not be learning this. We offer safe classes according to a set schedule and syllabus consisting of techniques taken from many different systems to bring you a Mixed Martial Arts system that we have devised for our members to learn in a safe and fun way.



Shitoryu Karate originates from the island of Okinawa and not Japan as is commonly mis-understood. From all the styles of Karate it offers the richest resource of Kata (49 in all). When you join The DOJO, you will learn all aspects of this discipline that heavily relies on generating emmence speed resulting in devastating multiplication of destructive force aimed at the assailant. You will also learn the sub-disciplines of Padwork, Kata, Basics, and Kumite. Karate relies more on speed of attack/defence with lots of stand-up fighting scenarios, but also some locks, throws and ground fighting.


Ju-Jitsu has its birth place in Japan. It relies more on joint locks, chokes, arm bars and throws that can leaves your assailant immobilised to offer counter-attack or escape.

Self Defence

Self-defence can take many forms in todays environment. For example taking the right precautions, such as wearing a Seat Belt is self-defence. At The DOJO, we teach you many strategies that equip you with what to do to avoid an attack in the first place, and then what to do during and after the attack. You will learn how to resolve potential conflicts before they happen.

Grappling Techniques

Often fights that are not finished in the first 20-30secs, end up on the floor. This is where the strength of Grappling techniques will equip you to deal with you opponent should s/he take you to the ground. On the other hand you may decide to take the fight to the ground. In Grappling we teach you to use your levers in a much more efficient way and how to read the opponents weaknesses that you can exploit.


More often than not, the guy in the street feels more confident in attacking you with a weapon. We show you how to disarm some of the weapons, but more importantly you will learn early signs to avoid the situation altogether. We also teach you how to improvise materials around you as weapons should you need to. As part of your formal training you learn the Nunchaku (popularised by the late Bruce Lee), Bo (6ft Staff), Jo (4ft Staff) and the devastatingly quick Filipino Stick fighting that is very effective indeed.


Popularised by Americans and uses a mixture of kicks and punches to create a fantastic workout for the whole body. You will work with Focus mitts, Striking pads and do pair work before you are allowed to spar with another member. We offer a separate Syllabus for progression to those who only wish to participate in the Kickboxing classes.

All our disciplines are suitable for kids and adults alike. Formal classes start from the age of 5yrs. for the younger kids aged 2-4.5yrs we offer a separate TIGER TOTS (Parent & Toddler) Class. Please see Timetable for more info.

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What is in our REGULAR CLASS Program?

Give your child the gift of attending The DOJO Karate Centre!

We’ll take care of the rest!

“I’m happy to tell you, with The DOJO Karate Centre’s help today my son is a “Straight A Student” full of confidence and respect! He is disciplinned, has high self-esteem and is successful.”

The focus of our child development program is to provide students the highest quality martial arts instruction available in a safe and positive learning environment while having the time of their lives.

Unlike team sports, where your child might or might not participate fully, at The DOJO we ensure every child participates fully and in line with our tuition schedule.

We believe your child deserves more from a sports program than sitting on a bench!

Our program is not seasonal. It is designed to empower your child to succeed and complete every task that they take including those at Home and at School.

The best part is that at The DOJO girls can be just as good as boys – and, everyone is an equal.

We are the area’s leader in Martial Arts Education.

It’s not just about kicking and punching, it is about learning life skills and the complete personal development of each child.

Our program is a blend of traditional and contemporary martial arts that offers you not only an effective reality based personal protection program, but a tried & tested means for personal development, character development, focus, discipline and respect.

Children learn to concentrate and focus their energy constructively which results in better school work and grades.

They will gain new anger management skills and an “I can do it” attitude in a safe and positive environment.

And, because kids excel when they are given attainable goals, our belt system that allows them to constantly achieve short term goals, while striving for their long term goal of the coveted Black Belt.

Each student must strive to do their best in school and at home. With each and every belt test children may participate in our outstanding GOOD CHARACTER PROGRAM completely FREE for additional marks.

Our BLACK BELT MINDSET PROGRAM will blow them away with overflowing Confidence, High Achievement, unwavering Focus + Discipline and Outstanding Respect for you and members of your family.

Children can also acquire achievement certificates for physical endeavors and mental endeavors as in getting a good report from their School. Additionally, our instructors share real life experiences with your child that will make them a more conforming and productive members of your household.

There are ‘mat chats’, ‘moral guidance’ and plenty of ‘martial philosophy & sports science based concepts’ to enhance performance in The DOJO, at Home and at School.

Our Black Belt Mind Set teaches children how to attain both short term and long term goals.

Black Belt Mind Set:

*Know what you want.

*Have a plan.

*Take consistent action.

*Review your progress and renew your goals.

Our Bully Buster tuition trains your child non-violent conflict resolution, while the Stranger Danger tuition will keep your child safe when faced with strangers

The DOJO Student Creed encourages our members to progress on a pathway of social, moral, physical and spiritual success;


  1. I will develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that will reduce my physical health and mental growth
  2.  I will develop self-discipline to bring out the best in myself and others
  3.  I will use what I learn in Class constructively and defensively to help myself and fellow human beings and never be offensive or abusive

Having produced the areas most World Champions, The DOJO Karate Centre is Rochdale’s leader in Martial Arts Education.

Parents feel safer knowing their children are learning everything from character development, fitness, awareness, sport and a mixture of martial arts from many disciplines all under one roof from qualified professionals with proven high quality pedigree.

We teach children that the best way to win a war is by not fighting but by using your brains not your fist.

But if all else fails our students are taught to physically defend themselves.

Children that are of a competitive nature will be encouraged to compete. Yet at The DOJO, competition is never forced upon a student! This makes our program kid friendly.

Remember the greatest gifts you can give your child are self confidence, greater self esteem and a positive mental attitude. Give them the best chance they have at attaining these all important qualities.

Register today and take advantage of our special 20th Year Offer. While you are at it, why not consider joining in alongside your Child. Over 32 years of coaching experience tells us that when you join in with your child, both you and your child progress at a much faster rate than on your own. There is no better way to stay in shape, have fun, and learn to defend yourself, lose weight and relieve stress. The family that kicks together sticks together.

How we teach Kids (5-12yrs)?

A fun filled but disciplinned atmosphere in which your child progresses through the ranks of our Syllabus which includes learning all 6 disciplines according to each rank for the Price of 1 Class.

In our classes Kids aged 5-12yrs learn much needed Discipline of ‘Stick at it’ attitude and to see things through till the end. We teach that through perseverance anything is achievable!

We instil into our kids that to grow harmoniously we have to give and show Courtesy at all times. We teach that they should respect authority in the home, at school and for the law!

But our kids also know that learning Martial Arts is much more than just a Physical pass-time and that they are designed for Long-term and prolonged gratification – not a quick fix to your problems.

The age range of normal kids classes is 5-13yrs. Our unique tuition method and the highly developed syllabus ensures the Kids in our classes train in 2 SPECIFIC ways:

  • Specific to the Age of the child
  • Specific to the Ability of the Child

Our tuition methodology is geared around:

  • Explanation of technique through Visual + Verbal Demonstration, then we,
  • Get kids to follow our movements, then,
  • They are corrected through feedback, then,
  • They are assessed on what they have learnt through questioning
  • They are encouraged and praised for their correct performance
  • They are guided to think of alternative ways of performance to bring out their
    creative side
  • They develop more confidence by performing in front of others
  • More competent performers are given a chance to lead a group to further
    develop their Confidence
  • Outstanding individuals are given further recognition through our Student of
    the Month Award

The training area at The DOJO is fully matted from wall to wall and all the learning aids are provided for use FREE of Charge.

Oh Yeah!!! We have lots of FUN playing Games also!

In fact we have dedicated a whole lesson (once a month) purely to let our Kids play Games and lead groups to build their Social Interaction Skills!

FREE Monthly Kids Workshop – this focuses on equipping your child with all the tools they need to excel at school and prepares them for the future, e.g. how to learn, what is memory and how to use it effectively, how to do presentations, what questions to ask and when, etc.

COMPETITION – We greatly believe that we ought to prepare our kids to take on the world tomorrow. One way in which we do this is by introducing them to Competition. This could take many forms through which they learn to cope with failure and success, but more importantly, it cultivates and hones a more PROBLEM SOLVING ATTITUDE in them. In fact our approach to instilling a competitive spirit has proven to be so successfull that we have produced National and International Champions. Some have even become World Champions. The key to their success was from following our instruction through the self-motivated attitude we instilled in them. Taking part in formal competition is not compulsory!


MMA +13yrs & Adults

In terms of learning, all +13yr olds are treated like Adults. The atmosphere is discplinned in which you progress through the ranks according to our Syllabus which includes learning all 6 disciplines for the Price of 1 Class.

Our classes are not just for kids. In fact we have lots of Adults who also join. Because our pool of qualified coaches is high, we assign a coach to you to help you learn at a pace that reflects your interest and standard. However, majority of the coaching is done by our Chief Instructor Irfan Ansari.

When it comes to learning, +13yrs are considered and treated as adults in Martial Arts.

The really good thing is that no body acts as a hero, nor do we entertain them! In fact, if anyone acts in this manner, they are soon reminded that ‘there is always someone better than them!” It is for this reason that we retain many Adults in our classes, and the atmosphere is very friendly.

All +13yr olds are taught the historical, ethical, legal, physical, physiological and psycho-social aspects of the martial arts. So much so that Sensei Irfan Ansari takes a personal interest in sharing what he knows more thoroughly with students in this group through personal anecdotal experiences and using many Scientific principles to bring out the best in them that ranges from fitness and martial arts advice to personal matters.

All +13yr olds at The DOJO are taught that they must share their knowledge with others at the Club. This develops their ability to put back into the Club in many different ways, most of all their volunteered help is making The DOJO what it is today.

Some Adults have taken on a career in Martial Arts through Sensei Ansari’s help. The good thing is that all instructors at The DOJO are hand picked and home-grown as their education is continually monitored by Sensei Ansari through periodic Coach Education programs and meetings.

You should rest assured that your learning in Martial Arts will be in the best of hands with fully qualified and fully insured Instructors who care about your progress. Unlike many other dis-organised clubs, here at The DOJO you will not be exposed to any combative pair work until we feel happy you know enough and feel confident to do so. Our aim is to develop your physique, fitness and self-defence capability in a gradual manner to generate more instinctive responses rather than a quick learning program which results in embarrassment when you are faced with an ordeal in the street!


Kick Boxing

Our Kickboxing Classes Help You: Lose Weight – Learn Self Defence – Get Into Shape – And Are Always Fun & Exciting!

Who is our Kickboxing class for?

We offer this class to all our members. Rather than covering a succinct aspect of Kickboxing content in out mixed martial arts syllabus, this class focuses on more a detailed study of Kickboxing techniques and uses punch bags, focus mitts, pad work, line work, paired work and of course, sparring for those who we feel are ready for it.

Don’t worry about getting hurt as we do not cater for ‘full-contact’ type training. Instead our kickboxing classes train you for ‘semi-contact’ If you are not familiar with this term – it means ‘touch contact’ to the Head for Adults (No contact for Kids), and ‘moderate contact’ to the body for both Kids and Adults. It is ideal for those who only wish to train once a week, those who wish to have a more energetic workout, or those who wish to brush up on their stand-up fighting ability!

The class is very safe & friendly, and if you are out to prove you are hard, then please don’t attend!
You will greatly benefit from the high-paced workout drills that closely reflect Sparring techniques used in real combat but without all the bumps and bruises of a professional fighter! It is ideal for losing weight, building life saving skills and not like a boring gym workout. The sense of achievement you get from accomplishing the task is fantastic!

What is our Kickboxing class like?

  • Our class is 60minutes, we start with a fitness training warm-up which has all the aerobics, anaerobic exercises and stretches to get the blood
    flowing ready for a major workout!
  • Of course, Beginners’ fitness is easy to start with and with regular attendance, you will be amazed at what you can achieve!
  • We then move on to the skills stage using combination development training followed by focus mitts, and pad work to really pick up the intensity!
    Here you will punch, kick, block, parry, knee and elbow your way to total fitness, weight loss, fat loss and muscle tone!
  • Once you become more competent, you will be introduced to Sport Kickboxing / Karate. This will really make you quick to respond to the
    attackers' movements and where your skill and strategy will play a big role in outwitting them in order to win!

Contents of this Class are currently included in our MMA/CMA program

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