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I love the squad and teachers and freinds and i have seen a difference in my self 5 stars amazing!

Muhammed Raees Azam

Excellent place and teacher is really good and well trained , experience. Recommend everyone thanks mk parent

Muhammad Kamran

We came to Dojo in search of an activity to help our son build esteem, confidence, respect, discipline and active listening skills. I can honestly say that this is the best thing I have ever invested in for our son. He is more disciplined, confident, happier and doing well in Education.

Farhat Ayub

Both my son have recently joined the club and have been enjoying themselves. All the Senseis are friendly and provide a good environment for children to train and develop. The training is fun and serious. My kids are always enthusiastic when it's karate time. I am happy, I found this training centre, I have a feeling that my kids will do very good here. I highly recommend this to anyone.

David NDAFUNDJE - Parent

I enrolled my daughter to karate in search of an activity to help her build confidence, respect, discipline and active listening. I can honestly say that this is hands down the best thing I have ever invested in for my daughter. She is more confident and happier. The senseis have created a truly wonderful place to learn and train.

Asif Riasat

My son and I recently joined the dojo and I just wanted to take the opportunity to say how amazed we are with the club. There is a massive sense of community within the club, the instructors take pride in what they do and go the extra mile to help your child learn so much more than just martial arts. The atmosphere in the club is amazing and my son is really enjoying his experience. Having studied Karate many years ago, I was hesitant to get back into it, however it feels like I never left.


My son is currently attending the Dojo karate centre and is loving it! They are very professional and disciplined in their approach. The quality of training is excellent. I would honestly say all teachers (Sensei) are caring and very knowledgeable, they actually care about there students. I highly recommend the Dojo centre to all.

Abid Ali

Its been the best decision I've made for my kids. We tried a few other dojod but there was no other place where we felt that the kids were getting the holistic care they needed. At the dojo the friendliness of the sensei has been amazing in making the kids comfortable enough to take part. School have also noticed an imporvement in their confidence and that they speak out more now. We have been at the dojo for a year now and the senseis, the atmosphere the care that they show makes it feel more like an extended family than a extra activity. The dojo not only teaches mixed martial arts but extends this to work on improving concentration levels, surrounding awareness, safety, respect and determination. The sensei's celebrate all achievements including those in school and in the dojo, creating a special enviroment for kids making them determined to suceed. There is a good balance of discipline and games. The kids love their sessions and look forward to going, this is a testament to how much effort the sensei's put in to working with the kids. We really appreciate all the hard work all the sensei's have put in to the kids development and progress.

Rizwana Arshad

Just to say the Squad competition was amazing yesterday and I was so happy to watch all the kids and my son. I enjoyed watching every single bit of it all. I can see my son's confidence has really grown and am so proud of him. He isn’t scared any more wow. Also just to say a massive thank you for training my child to become such a strong warrior . He was a cry baby and I can now see how tough he has become. The Dojo club is the best karate provider I have ever come across and I wish my son started with you from way before . Many thanks once again for all your hard work in training all the kids to that level. It can’t be easy. I was shocked to see how he did - all so proud 😊

Rose Katantha

I have been training here for the past 17+ years and it has become a second home and an extended family to me. Not only is the training second to none, and everyone is always made to feel welcome. Sensei Ansari is a great person, and treats everyone with respect and consideration no matter what, and always remains professional. He is firm, but fair and knows how to bring out the best in all his students. Martial arts is so much more than just techniques, it's about discipline and respect too. I've trained here since the age of 10years and can honestly say I wouldn't be who I am today without the guidance of Sensei Ansari, as well as my parents. I have seen my confidence improve massively whilst training here, as well as my performance levels since joining the competition squad and travelling around the UK representing the club and country under the guidance of Sensei Ansari. Under sensei Ansari I have become a World Champion multiple times, as well as being a coach within the classes. Would definitely recommend The Dojo Karate Centre anyone who wants to take part in martial arts.

NATALIE DEAN - Multiple World Champion + Assistant Squad Coach

Anyone who is considering whether or not to enrol their child here, I say, go for it! I brought my 3yo here and was just struck by how well the coaching is aimed at little kids. It's amazing to see as well, that even at a young age, they can progress through the belt system as there were a couple of little yellow belts there! The kids were coached according to how well they were able to follow instructions, with gentle reminders to pay attention etc, but at the same time, learning actual karate, not just a dumbed-down version for kids. Far cheaper than the football lessons we were taking her to where all they really did was play games once a week. As a parent I strongly recommend!


My son is currently attending and is loving the karate. They are very professional and disciplined in their approach. The quality of training is excellent an d value for money. All Sensei are very warm, welcoming and caring and have the ability to coach very well. I highly recommend sending your children here.


We are extremely pleased with the progress our three children have made since we started at The Dojo. The structured training and development provided by the experienced, friendly staff has shown improvements in discipline, focus, confidence and self-esteem. Our children love attending their karate sessions and will continue to do so in the future.


Amazing place the change in my son since starting karate here is amazing he is loving karate here everyone's so friendly and helpful and my son has become a lot more confident in everyday life now even his teachers at school commenting on how much he's changed and grown up for the better. The welcome seminar we attended today was great full of useful information for both of us and gave a great insight to what my son can achieve here.


Firstly I would like to ask a question every parent : would you rather have your child open minded in every aspect of life - become successful- confident etc. or lost in the system? Is our responsibility for guiding children to create better tomorrow . My personal experience so far are beyond the ranking scale above 😊. Such kind, friendly staff who always is happy to help and answer any questions. I couldn't resist to praise you all . Personally so far the best choice I've made to provide outstanding abilities to support my child in every way of living. The choice is yours I've made my already!


Since my son joined The Dojo Karate Centre, He has grown in so many ways . Its not just about martial arts. As my son has grown in self confidence and has found a inner strength . He knows that if he tries his best there is so much he can achieve. Which he has shown not only at home but in school also. He has much more self discipline and patience which he found hard before joining The Dojo. Its been a delight to see .


Absolutely love this place ❤ training throughout the week and the teaching is awesome. I would advise anyone to give this a try , I'm not stopping now 💪❤. Irfan and the crew are 100% the best 😉.

Carmen Jordan

I first joined this Karate club in the mid nineties alongside my brother and a group of our friends. Each of us made exceptional progress during our time there and Sensei Ansari was always fun, firm and fair. Fast forward twenty years or so, and I am now a mother of two. As soon as my eldest expressed an interest in learning self-defence I knew there was only one place I could take him. It came as no surprise to me that Sensei Ansari was not only still teaching, but that his dojo had had an incredible amount of success in my twenty year absence. I pass many other martial arts club on my 30 minute journey to The Dojo but I know that I would not get the same quality or value anywhere else. The values and ethos of The Dojo are what the teaching world refers to as ‘The Whole Child Approach’ and in the few short months since both my children joined I have already seen the benefits and the positive impact of that approach. Watching their progress has since inspired me to get back on the mat and all of the Senseis have displayed nothing but understanding and patience with me. So if you are a parent looking for a way to improve your child’s life or an adult finding a new way to keep fit, I honestly couldn’t recommend this place highly enough!

Mr PARTINGTON - All the Family attends

Simply the best karate training club in UK. The changes I have noticed in my kids after joining this club has been amazing, not just physical but mental, their confidence has increased and the self discipline in them has made them a very respectable human being. The experience they gained from attending world championship in Italy was outstanding. The credit all goes to Sensei Irfan Ansari and his team who work very hard to train their students.

UMAR KHAN - Parent of World Champions

My 4 year old son has loved coming to The Dojo, he has learned many skills and improved his focus at home and at school. The Sensei's are wonderful, they bring out the best in even the youngest of children. Their caring and nurturing manner helps the kids feel safe and teaches them valuable skills and techniques. I would not hesitate to recommend bringing your child or even yourself here. A great place for all the family!


After just 2 weeks of lessons I have seen a big difference in my two boys (9 and 7 years old). My son struggles with reading and normally avoids it but this week has been challenging himself to read harder books. They are benefitting more then just learning martial arts. Highly recommend!


The DOJO Karate Centre - this martial arts school is awesome. Prices are very cheap for the quality of training. I would not bother looking elsewhere. This is absolutely value for money and very professional training.

MYLES CUNNINGHAM - All the Family attends

So we signed up our little girl to give her more confidence and teach her valuable self defence, we chose this dojo as we had heard great things, she loved it, they are so great with the kids and somehow remember every name of every child, such a personal touch which we loved Within a week of her doing it I signed up myself and again, they couldn't be more inviting, they teach multiple disciplines including karate, kickboxing and weapons which give a real variety and makes it so much fun. The prices are a bargain for what you receive and in comparison to other places, I can't recommend this place enough, they are the best around.


Great place to start your karate/self-improvement journey. Sensei is very knowledgeable and experienced martial artist. Everything is well organized and prepared. Me and my son have great time together learning life essential skills. Great place to develop self discipline, fitness and confidence, which are foundations of every great man.

DAMIEN M - Parent

Soon after my children started and after realising the benefits the outstanding coaching was bringing them, both my mum and I joined the classes. So now Granny, Mum and 2 kids look forward to attending The DOJO each and every week. I little realised how satisfying the skills we learn were in their achievement until we joined in – we have never looked back! There is so much variety with lots to learn in a really well planned and structured manner for each belt, e.g. Kata, stick work, nunchucks, kickboxing, etc. But in learning these you also improve your fitness, focus, discipline, concentration and determination to succeed. My children have often found activities hard but have stayed with the tasks they have been set at The DOJO until they have become more successful. This lesson to persevere is probably one of the most important aspects of their training as not only does it give them confidence, it is a transferable skill that will move into other areas of their life & learning as they become older and more independent. The structured progress of learning, with its assessment and grading, is an additional ongoing incentive to move forward with the skills you begin to master. All members get to interact with each other and grow together with a high sense of belonging to The DOJO family. This consideration for others provides children with a positive attitude to others which helps make friendships in their shared experiences and eventually creates a positive framework for success amongst all who attend. I am extremely impressed with the highly qualified knowledge and professionalism of the teaching team. Not only do they demonstrate their expertise in the skill of self defence but are constantly alert to the needs of their students. Encouragement and positive direction in ways to improve are always evident sometimes by merely suggesting a movement of pose to achieve a more effective outcome. The one aspect which I have not mentioned is the fun that we, as a family have gained from our karate experience. My family are stronger and more caring from our joint lessons and are able to encourage one another when our learning becomes difficult. It has definitely strengthened our family bond. We are happier and have been able to improve in many areas of our lives. The DOJO motto of ‘Making a Brighter Future for our Children - Helping Improve our Community!’ is appropriate for myself as by coming here my children are working harder in many areas of their lives. I can confidently suggest that a Taster Class is the perfect opportunity for other parents to see this in action and would highly recommend it for all their children. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

HELEN ATHERTON - All the Family attend classes

This club is just fantastic and highly recommended! I got in touch with the Sensei about three months ago as I wanted my teenage daughter to have something active to do as well as a new interest. Since then the regular classes, up to three times a week, have been a real highlight of our day. They have proved to be an excellent way for us to keep fit, and are mentally challenging as well! The teacher, Sensei Ansari, has a light and humorous manner and is so encouraging to his students. He often shares life lessons with us as well as his love and passion for the skills he is teaching. The classes are energetic and fun, with excellent and very clear instruction from Sensei Irfan and specific feedback to us as individuals about our technique, so we have really learnt so much in a short time. We have really enjoyed being a part of this club, and now my daughter is looking forward to taking her knowledge further when she starts at university in the autumn. I can highly recommend this club and Sensei Irfan.

GRACE HILL - Parent of a Teenager

The Dojo Karate Centre is an outstanding martial art club. Sensei Ansari's professionalism, qualifications & experience shines through in his coaching methods and teaches the students high-leveled techniques of sparring, physical training but more importantly how to keep a positive metal attitude. My 9-year son has been here for 6 months and I can really see him progressing not only physically, but also strengthening his focus, self-esteem and confidence. The atmosphere in the club is very friendly and warm. Daanish looks forward to going because in his own words " Sensei makes me laugh" Sensei Ansari not only knows the name of each child but there parents to. I am very pleased that Daanish started training in this school as this has brought amazing results in his confidence. I would say go along for a taster class and also read some of the other reviews to really understand why this school sets itself apart from the others.

SAJ HAFIZ - Parent

From the first moment I took my daughter to The Dojo, 3 years ago, we are always greeted with a warm, genuine, friendly welcome. The training is impeccable with Sensei’s knowledge and experience shared with the students every lesson. His coaching methods are amazing and would truly recommend The Dojo if you wish you or your child to benefit from life changing qualities.


My 3 children all attend the Dojo in Rochdale. They are 13, 11, and 5. My 5 year old boy joined when he was 3 years old in the Tiger Tots class, and thoroughly enjoyed the class, which was really well catered for the very young while still teaching respect, manners, and some great karate. All the kids seemed to love these classes, and the parents too. He has now progressed well to the bigger classes and is well equipped to cope, with key skills of listening, concentrating, and doing his best, which is not a bad achievement for a 5 year old. The professionalism of the teaching, and the friendliness of each sensei make this enjoyable - as a parent who tries his best to teach his children respect, discipline, and manners, I’m always pleased to see any poor behaviour called out, so no-one is allowed to undermine the class, and even the most unruly child soon realises the benefit of respect and hard work. My 2 older girls used to be very successful in competitive swimming, so they already had discipline, knew how to listen, and keep trying, no matter how difficult something may seem to be at first. The coaching staff are meticulous when it comes to correct technique, but more than that, they are also taught the history of the sport, and hear about some particularly interesting life lessons from Sensei Irfan. No matter how talented a child may be, they will not achieve their potential without hard work and perseverance, a theme which is drilled into them throughout their classes. I’m pleased I discovered the Dojo, I’ve no experience myself of karate, but I’ve learned a lot already about the sport, and the importance of being able to defend yourself responsibly. I would recommend the Dojo to any parent who is considering getting their child involved in a competitive sport, and although they are not required to compete, they learn a lot about themselves when they do. The teaching is top quality, and in terms of value for money, it couldn’t be better.

JOHN CUSICK - Parent of 3 Kids

The DOJO karate centre has been my second home for almost over a decade, I have been a student of Sensei Irfan Ansari for a very long time not only is he just my instructor I also see him as a second father figure, he not only has made me a World Champion several times, he’s not only trained me to be a successful martial artist, he has not only trained me to be a instructor but much more than that, he has given me so many life lessons, advice, support and to make sure I respect everyone and everything around me, he has taught me that karate is as much discipline as it is technique. Being at the club for many years and competing in over hundreds of tournaments with him whether it be nationally or around the globe, I have never seen a coach as amazing, hardworking, considerate and as successful of a coach than he is. The medals, the trophies, the titles, the qualifications all speak for itself, his coaching methods are second to none. Through karate I have lived through very important stages of my life, going through high school, then to college and then to university, without his guidance and knowledge nor would I be a successful martial artist or successful in life with the huge help of my parents also. It has improved my confidence a huge amount allowing me to speak in big crowds at school and college and university. It helped instil my mental focus and kept me away from trouble and kept me busy and focussed on my martial art and school. It taught me self-defence to protect myself and other people I care about. It taught me to respect everyone around me regardless of who they are. But mostly Sensei Ansari pushed me in life to do my best in everything especially in my studies, he makes sure all his students get equal treatment and that everyone benefits from his knowledge and experience. Also as a trainee instructor under Sensei Ansari, I know that our teaching methods are unreal, in my opinion one of the best in the North West if not the best, we don’t teach the students just karate we also do other disciplines within the club such as Jiu Jitsu, Kick boxing, Weapons and much more. It is a very family friendly environment literally like one big family, I have never heard a single complaint always praises about Sensei Ansaris coaching, not only is he a great martial arts coach but also a great martial artists being a 7th Dan Black Belt and a numerous time World Champion himself. The level of the club and the coaching at the club is one of the best I have seen, and I can vouch that anyone that wants to join won’t be disappointed.

HUSEYN MIKAYILOV - Multiple World Champion + Assistant Squad Coach