What our KATA Class - Rochdale class offers

Kata Class

KATA Class - Rochdale

Kata is the core of martial arts. It is so interesting that to the on looker with little knowedge it is merely a sequence of movements put together for exercise or a dance. But to the expert eye, it is deep martial arts knowledge that when deciphered leads to throws, chokes, blocks, pressure points, grabs, grappling, poking, nipping, restraining, self-defence against armed and un-armed opponents, and much more. Where you get to understand that what is usually taught as blocks can be strikes and strikes can be used as blocks - it make the mind boggle with huge interest.

Then there is the performance side of the Kata for Competition and for Gradings - the aesthetic appeal, the symmetry, the embusen, the power, the timing, the expression, which makes it so very interesting to learn.

Finally, there is the huge health benefits using different breathing methods in specific postures that can help control and alleviate many health concerns from musculo-skeletal enhancement to better BP and HR regulation.

If there was one thing you should consider for long term benefits - it is the progressive Kata practice with us - it is nothing like what anyone else offers!