What our SQUAD TRAINING -Rochdale class offers

Squad Training Class


Competition Training for SQUAD Members

This specialised class is only for members who get invited to join our Competition Squad.

They learn Sport Martial Arts in the disciplines of Karate Kata, Karate Kumite, Kickboxing, Traditional Weapons Kata, Team Kata, Sport Self-defence and Sports Weapons.

We are delighted to tell you that The DOJO Karate Centre has had immense success at National, European and World level and it is all down to the knowledge we share with our Squad in these Squad Training Classes.

The DOJO Squad comprise of a Junior Squad (-9yrs) and a Senior Squad (+9yrs). We do a Squad intake every SEP and JAN.

Then they are given discipline specific training allowing them to compete against other Squad members in The DOJO SQUAD LEAGUE from which members are selected for more in-depth coaching to compete at National and International events.