1. TIGER TOTS Class (2.5yrs-4.5yr olds): every TUE + THU (4:00-4:45 pm) at our main DOJO in Rochdale.
  2. REGULAR Classes (Combined Martial Arts): ideal for +5yrs Old Beginners. Great for Families.

For REGULAR Classes we have Three Programs are available......

  • BASIC Program - allows you to learn The DOJO Syllabus for 2hrs/weeks.
  • PREMIER Program - 3hrs/week - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for regular Belt progress
  • ULTIMATE Program - Unlimited Class per Week - Not really for Beginners. But you can move on to this after a few months!

  1. TIGER TOTS Class: You get 1 FREE Taster Class. Then you pay £60 for Suit + Membership. Then you pay £32/mth. This allows you to attend 2 Classes/week.
  2. BASIC Program - You get 1 FREE Taster Class. Then pay £65 to Join (includes Suit, Membership + MA Insurance & Licence). Then you pay £44/mth. This allows you 2 Classes/week.
  3. PREMIER Program - You get 1 FREE Taster Class. Then pay £65 to Join (includes Suit, Membership + MA Insurance & Licence, FREE GCP + BBM + Seminars). Then you pay £48/mth. This allows you 3 Classes/week.
  4. ULTIMATE Program - You get 1 FREE Taster Class. Then pay £65 to Join (includes, Suit, Membership + MA Insurance & Licence, FREE GCP + BBM + Seminars). Then you pay £59/mth. This allows you to train as many times as you wish each week (but not any Advanced or Squad Classes).

ABSOLUTELY NOT. We are well known for our ETHICS and HONESTY because we hold them in high regard and preach it to all our members. 

If your circumstances change for any reason - you can cancel straightaway.

You just need to tell us and we can even cancel your monthly Direct Debit for you.

The only thing we ask for is that you remain honourable with your timely payments and don't mess us around as there is an admin fee for late payments.

NO. We guide you through stepped progress abit like learning to swim. We will never throw you in the deep end. We will nurture and guide you through each phase of your learning to build your Confidence.

Sparring is not required until your reach Yellow Belt (2/3 months). Untill then you will learn the basics of the various martial arts we teach, e.g. Karate basics, Kickboxing basics, Fitness, Footwork patterns, Self-defence basics, Grappling basics, Padwork, Focus mitts, foam Weapons, etc. 

During this time you will be watched very closely and guided through each stage of your development. Once we feel satisfaied that you are ready to learn sparring, then you will be guided by Sensei to participate in this. Eventually, you will be able to spar confidently with anyone. 

No matter how big the class is, your progress depends on the 4 factors...

  1. Your ABILITY to Learn
  2. WHAT you need to Learn
  3. What RESOURCES you need to Learn
  4. a Teachers ABILITY to IMPART their KNOWLEDGE Effectively to the Learner

Our wealth of experience helps us quickly decide which TEACHING STYLE to use for the class at a given moment during the class depending on which martial art dsicpline and which topic within that system we are going to coach you inline with our comprehensive syllabus. Only great teachers have this valueable insgiht!

Additionally, we have lots of Coaches in each class to get the best out of everyone.

Typically our Teacher:Student ratio is 1 Teacher:20 Students. This ensures each member progresses to meet their goals in each class.

YES. We encourage 1 parent to sit and watch the class on the first visit (but without any intereference please, i.e. phones off). You'll be surprised how much parents learn themselves from the sidelines before they also want to join in!

Once your child has got used to the class setup, parents can just drop/collect their kids - like at School.

However, parents must remember that, it is a class we are teaching and must respect the rules of The DOJO at all times - otherwise they will be asked to leave so we can do our job fully.