There are Distinctions and there are DISTINCTIONS!

These members have shown exceptional performances in their latest Grading.

Starting from the left: Mum decided to join the classes after sitting and watching her daughter perform so well in our classes. When she realised that Felicity 'just gets it' with a little persuasion from her sister (who also joined up) and Sensei, mum Alison decided to give it a go. Low and behold, just 2 weeks later Sensei asked her to do the up coming Grading in which both Mum + Daughter passed with DISTINCTION marks.

Then we have little Lucas who had to take time off for a minor operation, but just after 2 weeks back from recovery, he performed exceptionally and also passed with DISTINCTION - a brilliant dedication!

Just 3 Days before the Grading both Jaden and Sensei realised that Jayden still had not learnt any of his Kata. So Sensei set to task in teaching him his Kata, which Jayden only took 20mins to learn. Just goes to show that when you love an activity, then your attention just zooms in to make you really concentrate to learn. But its not only that - It is also how it is taught to you! Anyway, Jayden only went and got a DISTINCTION 3 days later - What a great example that 'you can achieve anything once you put your mind to it!

Before we tell about Daniel, you should know that in order to achieve a DISTINCTION pass mark, you have to achieve a Distinction in every section of the Grading at The DOJO Karate Centre. This means that every techniques has to be done with CORRECT Focus, Timing, Speed, Intention, Accuracy, etc.! Of course, this get harder and harder to achieve as you become a higher belt.

Daniel has this amazing staying power to just keep working and repeating his learning with an aim to reach perfection until he gets there - and then he does what is needed to maintain this performance level. So from all those mentions here, his DISTINCTION is the most deserving of mention simply because it is rare at his level to achieve a DISTINCTION!

Amazing work guys - keep going and reach for perfection. We are known for our high standards.

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