Huseyn Mikayilov

2nd Dan Instructor + Asst Squad Coach
Huseyn Mikayilov

Huseyn, originally from Azarbaijan, has been a member since the age of 8yrs.

Currently studying Biomedical Science at Liverpool University. But travels back each day to coach at The DOJO.

Huseyn has achieved immense accolades at National, European and World level, and is a multi-World Champion in various dsicplines taught under the guidance of Sensei IRFAN ANSARI at The DOJO Karate Centre. His specialities are Kata, Weapons Kata, Self-defence and Kumite.

He is funny but always works hard and has really develpoed as a coach. He is willing to try things others are hesitent to and so dedicated that he will fight all weight categories despite being of slight build himself.

You can trust Huseyn to make you work hard until you get it right!