Irfan Ansari

8th Dan & National Coach
Irfan Ansari

Judge for Yourself!

There is ‘No Better Qualified Instructor’ than Sensei IRFAN ANSARI to learn Karate from!
Let us clarify what we mean; We say a ‘Qualification’ in Martial Arts, it comprises of;

  1. Formal Qualifications +
  2. Job Specific Qualifications +
  3. Relevant & Specific Knowledge & Experience +
  4. Achievements gained using this knowledge

IRFAN ANSARI is a Multiple World Champion (5 Gold, 5 Silver, 2 Bronze)
Total of 232 Gold, 225 Silver, 157 Bronze WORLD MEDALS directly attributed to Sensei ANSARI’s Coaching

Sensei Ansari’s Formal Qualifications
• 1st class BSc(hons) in Sports & Exercise Science
• NVQ Assessor
Sensei Ansari’s Job Specific Qualifications
• Black Belt 7th Dan (8th Degree)
• Chief Instructor of The DOJO Karate Centre
• ENGLAND Karate Coach
• Chief Referee
• CRB/DBS cleared
• 1st Aid qualified

Sensei Ansari’s Knowledge & Experience

  • +50yrs Experience is learning various Martial Arts from high level instructors from around the world
  • +34yrs of Coaching Experience in running his own Martial Arts School since 1988.
  • Sports Science knowledge specific to raising human performance in martial arts, especially Karate.
  • Brings his vast knowledge of lecturing in Sports Science to ensure your effective and specific learning goals are met in each session.
  • Has authored many articles on Martial Arts, Fitness, Sport Physiology, Sport Psychology, and Biomechanics that have been published in many magazines.
  • Has gained growing experience in the following disciplines through continuous learning with high level instructors around the world; Kata, Bunkai, Kobudo, Kumite, Self-defence, Pressure/Vital Points, Grappling, Weapons, Kickboxing, Self-defence, Nerve manipulation, Padded Weapons.


Sensei Ansari’s and his member’s Achievements gained using his Knowledge & Experience

In addition to progression in rank, forming & expanding the Club, forming an optimised tuition syllabus, more notable achievements are mentioned below;

  • Sensei Ansari became a multiple National Karate Champion
  • Sensei Ansari Won 3 Golds and 1 Bronze at European Karate Championships
  • Sensei Ansari Won 5 Golds, 5 Silvers and 2 Bronze at the World Karate Championships
  • Sensei Ansari regularly shares his vast knowledge by holding Seminars so others can benefit.
  • Sensei Ansari takes a REAL, DIRECT and HONEST interest in each member that joins. His students range from 3yrs to 60yr olds and he provides inclusive learning through equal opportunities.
  • The DOJO members have shown a Year-upon-Year growth of unsurpassed Achievements at the highest external Competition level (not Club competitions that other clubs hold for their own members!).

Just look at the achievements below. Do you know of another club in the area that has achieved so much?

YearWORLD ChampionshipsExternal Trophies in UK
20084 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze45 Trophies
20096 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze61 Trophies
20108 Gold, 6 Silver, 8 Bronze92 Trophies
201116 Gold, 20 Silver, 4 Bronze124 Trophies
201221 Gold, 17 Silver, 16 Bronze274 Trophies
201346 Gold, 59 Silver, 50 Bronze611 Trophies
201454 Gold, 32 Silver, 23 Bronze347 Trophies
201564 Gold, 53 Silver, 34 Bronzelots!
13 Gold, 14 Silver, 19 Bronze 
9 Golds, 6 Silver, 8 Bronze
Rested this year!
11 Golds, 23 Silver, 11 Bronze
TOTAL252 Golds, 254 Silver, 176 Bronze+1600 Trophies

No Competitions 2020-2022 due to Covid-19.
While each coach has their strengths and weaknesses – it is clear from the above that the Coaching ability can only be shown by the performances + the results athletes bring in from external competitions they enter. Sensei IRFAN ANSARI and his students stand ‘Head & Shoulders’ above anyone in the area. Our members are not only top of their class at the Club level – they are top of their class Nationally and in World rankings.

We have presented all our eveidence to support of our claim that in the surrounding area there is NO BETTER QUALIFIED INSTRUCTOR to learn Karate from than Sensei IRFAN ANSARI. Our members also become academically gifted and progress as individual’s that contribute to the progress of the society we live in. Many have become teachers, doctors, lawyers, and members of the much valued Public Services. Some have even gone onto to become Instructors in their own right through the Club’s Coaching programs. In fact participating in Competitions only makes up for around 10% of our Coaching content, and, it is not a compulsory aspect of our curriculum.

Biggest Secret for Our Success – We Share our Exceptional World Class Knowledge with Our Members in a Way They Easily Understand!
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