Isshaaq Ansari

3rd Dan Senior Instructor + Asst Squad coach
Isshaaq Ansari

Isshaaq has immense knowledge that he has gained form his father Sensei IRFAN ANSARI since the age of 3yrs. 

Both Isshaaq and his older brother Sensei Issmaeel Ansari (4th Dan) are well grained into the standard and knowledge that prevails at The DOJO Karate Centre - that all belts have to be earned through hard work. 

Isshaaq is a very gentle person who strives to always reach a higher level in everything he does - his Jumping Roundhouse kick is amazing!

Being a Senior Instructor, Isshaaq has amassed vast knowledge of our syllabus and his coaching ability is second to none allowing him to critically analyse performances and then disect each element for improved performance.